Passion for Fashion

Are you struggling to get ahold of a sense of style? Well you are not alone! So many choose safe options and work withing thier wardrobe with repeating the same thing over & over again. Setting aside so much of of clothing that never sees the light of day.

Working as a professional organizer I have had to remove several bags of items of of folks home with the sale Tag still on! Poor clothes! If a fun closet upgrade sounds great to you – Let’s do a wardrobe haul together! & it doesn’t have to be painful. Its an amazing process that men and women alike enjoy the gratitude of the ‘closet cleanse’.

Please reach me to schedule a complimentary consultation by email I will review your pain points & see how to best proceed on helping you have a dream wardrobe ~ without going shopping!

*But we can go shopping if you’d like 😉

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